2014 Hot Natural Product Awards (from Expo West)

by Christopher Van Buren
Well, Expo West 2014 is behind us and we got excited about some unusual finds and innovative new products. So we created our own ad-hoc awards for the best of the show. Here are our finds…we hope you’ll enjoy them.

phoneybsThe “That’s Made from What?” Award

We’ve seen all the fake soy meats you can think of…but this one was a surprise. A company called Phoney Baloney’s has made a fake bacon bits from, get this… coconut bits. With a special cooking process and healthy, bacon-like spices, Phoney Baloney’s has managed to bring out a pretty tasty bacon-like product that’s perfect for salads, baked potatoes, or anywhere you might have once used bacon bits. And as their flier says, “who doesn’t like bacon?” Right. Check it out at www.phoneybaloneys.com.

The “Nobody Ever Tried Making Juice From That” Award


With all the new exotic fruits and special juices on the market, you’d think everything that could be juiced HAD been juiced, right? Well think again. A company called Arty has bottled artichoke water. That’s squeezed-artichoke-in-water extract, like a strong tea. And get this, it’s FULL of antioxidants, not to mention being great for appetite suppression.

What does it taste like? Well…seriously…it tastes like artichokes — but better. Ingredients include artichoke, mint, lemon, and apple. It’s sweetened with monk fruit and agave. You’ll be pleasantly surprised! Go to www.artywater.com.

The “This is Going to Replace Stevia Someday” Award

I’m going to be honest. I don’t like stevia. Never did. And I don’t believe anyone who says they figured out how to eliminate that horrible aftertaste. I can taste a drop of it in a galon of juice (ok not really, but you get my meaning). That’s why I’m very excited about Monk Fruit, the new non-fructose non-sucrose sweetener that’s going to take center stage someday.

monkThe Habital company has perfected the monk fruit sugar replacement. The powder looks and performs just like sugar, down to the serving sizes and all that. It is ZERO calories and ZERO glycemic. It’s non-GMO and it’s actually a bit softer and gentler than sugar. What’s the catch? The only one we can see is that it’s native to China. One more import from the East, fellas. See habitfoods.com.

The “Saving the Planet One Toothbrush at a Time” Award


Ever wonder how many toothbrush handles are floating around the great garbage dump in the ocean? Probably enough to fill a freighter. So he BrushWithBamboo company has stepped in to save the day. They sell a bamboo toothbrush that’s no only eco-friendly. . .it’s darn cool. I mean, I’d brush my teeth anywhere just to show this thing off; that’s how nifty it is.

They’ve been working on the bristles too, and will soon announce an eco-friendly version of those too. Check these out and get one for all your friends at www.brushwithbamboo.com.

beefreeThe “We Gotta Save Those Bees, but I Love Their Honey” Award

Want to help the bee problem? But you love honey because it’s a perfect sweetener with great minerals and all that. ¬†Oh, and it tastes great too, right? So here’s the solution: The Bee Free Honey company has made a honey substitute from, get this, apples. This looks, tastes, and sticks to your clothes just like honey! What a no-brainer! Do the bees a favor and let them do their pollination thing on the apple trees and save our planet. Without the bees, we can’t make it. Get yours at www.beefreehoney.com.


The “Chemicals Are Not Sexy” Award

Did you know that condoms are not healthy…and

possibly not vegan? In fact, they are full of undesirable chemicals like spermicides, glycerin, parabens (bad for the skin and environment) and much more. That’s right, you’re f***ing with all those chemicals (I didn’t say that).

Well, thank goodness for innovation, because Sir Richards Condom Company has created a condom for us health-conscious, eco-friendly folks. After all, we like a bit of lovin’ too! And for every condom purchased, one is donated to communities in need. Now that’s truly guilt-free! Get yours at www.sirrichards.com.

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