All About Pomegranate for Health

The World’s Oldest Fruit

Considered the world’s oldest fruit, the pomegranate is a long way from extinction. In fact, it’s making a major comeback as one of our healthiest and most versatile foods…and considered by many to be one of the Earth’s healthiest things. First, the delightful red juice of this timeless fruit is one of our best sources of antioxidants and many of the new anti-oxidant “red drinks” coming onto the market include pomegranate in their formulations. You can also find pomegranate juice with nothing but…pomegranate juice in it. One great source is POM juice.

But pomegranate is finding its way into more than just anti-oxidant juices. Now you can find pomegranate in skin care products. This is not only because anti-oxidants are great for the skin, but also because pomegranate has special rejuvenating and healing qualities all it own. The skin of this fruit can be dried and used in tinctures as an antiseptic spray and it makes a natural sunblock. Here are a couple of tips about these special uses:

antiseptic tincture
pigment problems

Plus here’s an article about Spa Trends and pomegranate spa treatments: Spa Trends.

This article offers a look at several new pomegranate beauty products, from skin creams to soap:

And here’s a jaw dropping discovery regarding the healing properties of pomegranate seed oil:

Any way you squeeze it, the pomegranate — from the seeds to the juice to the skin — is abundant with health and healing powers. Don’t miss this trend!

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