Snacking for Better Health

by Christopher Van Buren
Are you a snac-aholic? Well, you’re not alone. Snacking is where most Americans get all the worst things in their diets…like too much sugar, processed foods, fats and chemicals. Snack foods are known for being the worst foods health-wise…and our weakness for snacks is making us sick!

So instead of fighting the snacking impulse, try going with it…but substitute healthy snacks for the unhealthy ones. Here are some tips:

Nix the Chips

If your preference is for salt-and-fat, then you probably have a weakness for things like potato chips and french fries. Ahhhh, that’s it, isn’t it! Can’t resist those hot, salty morsels. Well, try substituting some healthy ones instead. One idea is to use popcorn. Pop some corn in a little bit of olive oil or use a hot-air popper. Now, instead of loading the popcorn with butter, try using a healthy topping. There are several ideas, including sprinkling seaweed on top…but there is also a company that makes a healthy popcorn topping, called SuperFood Seasoning. You can find it at Pot of Gold Products.

Stop the Sweet Tooth

Not the salt-and-fat type? You’re probably more into sugar then. Am I right? Gotta have that brownie or chocolate bar for a snack every day? Well, you’re like a lot of people. So here are some ideas: First, make sure you have tons of fruit around at all times. Now, it’s true that a lot of fruit has fructose in it and that’s fattening…but it’s a lot better than eating a bag of cookies. The fiber and nutrients in the fruit will help your body and give you more energy and health. Another idea is to use dark chocolate with low sugar content. Get yourself some good dark chocolate and use it to make other snacks. Pure cocoa or high-percentage chocolate products are also very good for you and, while not eliminating sugar, they help you reduce it.

The idea is not to try to go cold turkey…but to reduce the amount of sugar you get, while still satisfying your craving.

Don’t Feed Them…It Just Encourages Them

Ok…now to the hard part. If you have overwhelming cravings for your snack foods, be they sweet or savory cravings — it’s possible you need a cleanse. If you have not cleansed your body (colon and digestive tract mostly), then the craving you feel could very well be those vermin inside your body telling you they’re hungry for more. Sounds horrible, doesn’t it? Well, don’t let them get the best of you. Get a good cleanse and make it work for you…then reduce the snacking or even eliminate it for awhile. You might find that a week or two of sacrifice ends up making it much easier to resist in the future. In that case, you’ve broken the free-loaders and sent them on their merry way! See colon cleanse reviews for info on good cleanse products.

Here’s another tip for the cleanse…do it with a friend or two and compare notes. It’s always easier if you are not alone!

To your health!

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