Healthy Coffees with Antioxidants, Low Acidity and SuperFoods

The coffee business is just too lucrative to let a thing like “increased awareness on health” take a bite out of it. So coffee makers have turned their resources to making healthier beans and enriching the coffee experience at the same time. The trend toward health-enhancing coffees is on the rise. Here are some of the early entries…

Move Over Green Tea, Antioxidant-Rich Coffee is Here

In a patented process that involves extracting the antioxidants from coffee beans before roasting, then adding them back in after roasting, Cafe Sanora has managed to substantially increase the amount of antioxidants in their coffee. According to their laboratory tests, their coffee has more antioxidants than most green tea. Only the highest quality green and white tea can match it. Although they don’t publish the ORAC values of their coffees (the official numeric indicator of antioxidants in foods and beverages), they do make direct comparisons and direct claims about their enhanced products. The most important part is that you’re getting good, rich, Arabic coffee without any guilt at all, so drink as much as you like.

You can find Cafe Sanora at many health food chains across the country (search for a store near you at their site) or purchase online at

Where Do You Hide Your Mushrooms? Coffee with Ganoderma Lucidum

The health effects of Ganoderma Lucidum, a red mushroom used for thousands of years in Asia, are not in dispute. Many studies show the benefits of mushrooms like Cordyceps, Rishi, and Ganoderma to the immune system, respiratory system, cardiovascular system and more (one article on Ganoderma can be found here). The trick is how they put this amazing substance into coffee! Well, it turns out that coffee laced with this particular mushroom powder tastes like…well, coffee. The slightly bitter and earthy taste of the mushroom is almost completely disguised by the coffee taste and makes a perfect combination. Now, when you sip a cup of Gano Cafe, you’re getting more than coffee. You’re getting one of the healthiest botanical substances known in alternative health circles. You can find Gano Cafe online at healthy 4 life.

Soft on the Stomach, Low Acid Coffee

If you’re one of those who can’t drink too much coffee due to its high acidity levels, you’re in for some good news. Researchers at the U.C. Davis have discovered a way to lower the acid levels of coffee, thus making the drink more alkaline and, consequently, more healthy. Most of us need to increase our pH levels, as blood levels that are more alkaline are also more resistent to disease, including cancer. Besides coffee, foods like meat, sugars and fats increase our acidity levels, so it’s important to get alkalinity wherever you can. You can find Helva Low Acid Coffee in many different flavors, including Hazelnut (my favorite!). Shop online at helva coffee co.

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