Dragon’s Blood: As Rare and Special as its name!

by Edna Sousa
It’s called Dragon’s Blood, the infamous ingredient from the Rainforest…and it’s about as mysterious and difficult to find as a dragon. I must confess that I never heard of this plant before, but when attending a New Jersey Suppliers Day, I came across this old new anti-aging ingredient from South America represented by a European company. So, I’m from South America and I decided to catch this dragon by the tail, as you might say, and find out about this special substance.

Its scientific name is Croton lechleri, and it’s a tree that grows in some Amazonian countries such as Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. The name was given because of a liquid or resinous sap with scarlet color that looks a bit like blood. High in astringent substances, its bark or resin has been used by the Amazon indigenous as an anti-inflammatory — both topically and internally.

I’ll focus on the cosmetic use of this natural ingredient.

Studies show the Sangre de drago also contains chemicals compounds as proanthocyanidins, alkaloids, lignans and phenols, helpful in healing wounds and regenerating damaged skin. As a cosmetic chemist I must say it’s a multi-functional ingredient, being the source of many other amazing “beauty maker” substances, such as Pycnogenol, gallocathecin, tannin cathecin, betaine, -… Think of Pine Bark Extract, Green Tea Extract and Linseed all in one product?!

That’s worthy of the name Dragon’s Blood!

Dragon’s Blood has been used in several anti-aging formulas to repair skin and fill wrinkles, as well for acne and rosacea.

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  1. Hi Edna,

    I just happen to work for Naturex,the company producing the active Dragon’s Blood extract. Very nice article!



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