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review, shen trititionGreen drinks are getting better all the time. The newest product to hit the market is Shen Tritition and it’s already one of my favorite formulas, offering a well planned array of superfoods and healing herbs — more healing herbs than you’ll find in most products. The superfoods feature spirulina, acai powder, dulse seaweed, and several veggie powders (beet root, broccoli, brussels sprouts, kale, cilantro, etc.). These are well combined for super nutrition. Herbs of note include ginseng, reishi and shiitake mushroom, ashwaganda, licorice root and many more…fantastic adaptogenic and immune supporting herbs.

Shen Tritition uses hemp protein to extend the formula (a high quality choice) and gets its flavor from its fruit blend (strawberry, cherry, raspberry, pineapple and others)…and a mercifully small dose of stevia to make this an easy formula to drink — even with plain water!

At $50 per bottle, that’s about 4.61 per ounce, this is one of the more expensive formulas. But I always say that with green drinks, you usually get what you pay for. This is an unusually high quality formula with ingredients you won’t find in other green drinks. It’s definitely worth a try.

Manufacturer’s Description

ShenTrition is so much more than an ordinary greens drink; we call it the ultimate wellness formula. ShenTrition goes beyond basic nutrition and offers a sophisticated, whole-health formula. It provides a blend of adaptogenic and tonic herbs within a whole-food delivery system of organic superfoods, organic greens and organic hemp protein, which makes it green in color.

ShenTrition’s amazing influence feeds both the body and soul, helping to balance the body’s functions and support its core energy (life force, prana, or qi). With strengthened core energy, the body will “adapt” better, recovering faster from day-to-day stressors. Such herbal formulations have been highly regarded for thousands of years for promoting whole health, longevity, and spiritual growth.

ShenTrition is a sophisticated formula, drawing from both the ancient wisdom of Chinese Medicine and the latest research in modern nutrition. We took the basic assertion from modern nutrition, “Feed the body what it needs,” and combined it with ancient wisdom echoed in Hippocrates famous recommendation that Eastern Medicine also promotes: “Let your food be your medicine.” These principles inspired our blend of adaptogenic herbs and health-giving superfoods.

We combined the tissue-supporting properties of organic hemp protein with the alkalizing and energizing benefits found in greens and superfoods to create a delivery system for a wide array of adaptogens. This makes ShenTrition unusual.


Slightly fruity, slightly sweet.

Ingredients & Nutritional Facts

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A high quality formula with a terrific array of superfoods and quality healing herbs, like mushroom powders and adaptogenic herbs.


It’s one of the more expensive formulas.

Recommended Usage

Dissolve 5 teaspoons in water or juice once or twice per day.

Certifications & Manufacturing

Contains many certified organic ingredients.
Money Back guarantee.


10.85oz = $50.00
Price per oz = $4.61

Where to Purchase

Manufacturer’s website

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  1. Are any of these Greens all Organic…….Seems to me that Dr. Schultz Greens are Organic…..In addition, it seems to me he is one of the few with actual clinical experience…….I may be new to this health arena, but I wonder how I can get healthier with Greens that are not organic,,,,,,,,,,if I had organic Greens 20 yrs ago, maybe I wouldn’t be so ‘unhealthy” now…..Not trying to judge, just trying to get answers.

  2. Geedore, most of these products are NOT 100% organic. They have organic ingredients in them, which are usually identified on the label. Those ingredients NOT identified must be presumed non-organic. Some companies have more of these ingredients identified than others, so check all the labels throughout this side (use the review links to the right) and compare. Good luck!

    Oh, by the way, it’s possible that some ingredients are natural and organic, but have not been certified and therefore are not marked or identified as organic. In other words, just because an ingredient is not certified, does not mean it can’t be organic. You have to trust the manufacturer’s sourcing of ingredients on this, so it’s a crap shoot. Bottom line: get to know the manufacturer.

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