Best Juicers: Blender Emulsifiers

There’s not doubt that the best way to get super nutrition on a regular basis is to juice your own fruits and veggies. You’ll end up with fresh, sometimes live juices from any fruit or vegetable you can get your hands on…plus all the pulp. And you can get creative with your mixtures — adding fruits and vegetables to suit your needs in the moment. If you’re feeling a cold coming on…add some extra citrus to your blender. Want a blood cleanse? Add some beats and dandelion greens. The possibilities are endless and although you’ll pay a bit up front for the machine, the cost benefits of juicing instead of buying homogenized, packaged juices pays off in the long run.

Some people think that if you juice your own fruits and veggies, then you wouldn’t need to purchase a green drink product. But that’s not really true. Most people don’t have access to the variety and quality of greens that come in most green drinks. So, while juicing is a fantastic way to get fresh fruit and veggie nutrients, you should think about adding a tablespoon of your favorite green drink to add all of those extra ingredients you’re not getting in your live juicing. Stuff like spirulina, chlorella, grass juices and special herb powders.

Main Features of an Emulsifier

The super powerful blenders, known as emulsifiers, came onto the market quite some time ago, but only recently came to the forefront as green drinks and red drinks have become more and more popular for health. The main difference between an emulsifier and a standard blender is power. The motor of an emulsifier has from 1–3 horsepower, where a standard blender has less than 1 horsepower (usually only around 300–500 watts). The difference is staggering! With such a powerful motor, you can juice almost anything in just a few seconds — and you can enjoy all of the fiber, pulp and juice together. Other features to look for include:

  • Metal (not plastic) gear connections between the cup and the motor
  • Ability to grind dry or juice wet substances in the same cup
  • Protective cover for the motor when the machine is in use (often this is part of the cup design)
  • Size and capacity of the cup
  • Speed settings (you pay more for more variety of speeds)
  • Quality of the parts
  • The manufacturer’s guarantee

Vitamix CIA Professional Blender / Emulsifier

The Vitamix is still the leading blender/emulsifier because of its superior design and powerful motor (2 horsepower). It is an amazing machine that can actually cook your food if you leave it in for a minute or two. But a quick 10-second blend and you’ve got a wonderful juice with all the fiber and goodness of the original fruits and veggies.

  • Countertop blender with laser-cut stainless-steel blades
  • 2+ peak hp motor generates blade speeds of 240 MPH
  • Durable all-metal construction; variable speed control
  • 64-ounce jar; recipe books, instructional DVD, and manual included
  • Measures 8-3/4 by 7-1/4 by 20 inches; 7-year warranty

Manufacturer’s Description
Vitamix and the Culinary Institute of America have partnered to bring you the CIA Professional by Vitamix. The CIA has trained more than 37,000 chefs and foodservice professionals, including many celebrity chefs. Ordinary blenders can’t begin to approach the speed nor the results you’ll enjoy while using the powerful CIA Professional by Vitamix machine. Like no other kitchen appliance available, the CIA Professional by Vitamix multi-tasking appliance will unlock the deep rich flavor treasures hidden in all your select ingredients. You can create dishes the way professional chefs do. It easily handles the work of many appliances so you can blend, puree, chop, juice, grind and more, all in this one versatile machine! Included is an exclusive new recipe book, “Recipes and Techniques from the CIA Master Chefs”. The book features more than 20 recipes developed by the CIA’s Certified Master Chefs. The CIA Professional by Vitamix also comes with “Create”, an easel-design recipe book which saves counter space and is packed with over 300 easy-to-prepare recipes from some of the country’s top professional chefs, including Joanne, Weir, Michael Symon and Hugh Carpenter. Instructional DVD and owner’s manual included. “It’s not a blender – It’s a Vitamix!”

Where to Buy
Vitamix on Amazon

HealthMaster Living Well Emulsifier

The HealthMaster is a close second in the Mixer / Emulsifier market. The main advantage of this machine is its price/performance ratio. It offers about the same features and power as the competition, for a lower price. In this case, the motor is slightly less powerful than the Vitamix, but overall this is a great machine and well worth the price.

  • Fruit-and-vegetable emulsifier for juicing, grating, making ice cream, cooking soup, and more
  • 1100-watt motor; 8 speeds; centrifugal friction “cooks” foods naturally; wet/dry culinary blades
  • Crushes up to 2 quarts of ice in seconds; 70-ounce polycarbonate pitcher; auto shut-off for safety
  • Dishwasher-safe (except for the base); 4 recipe books and healthy eating plan included
  • Measures 21 by 12-3/4 by 16-1/2 inches; 100-year motor warranty

Manufacturer’s Description
The Living Well/Montel HealthMaster is an appliance breakthrough – more than just a blender! It’s unique digital emulsification system pulverizes and liquefies whole fruits and vegetables in just seconds! It’s centrifugal friction “cooks” foods naturally. This helps the blended item retain all the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phyto-nutrients. Versatile unit, with one-touch settings, makes hot, robust soups and sauces or cold smoothies, sorbets and ice cream – whatever you choose. Comes with 4 bonus recipe books (covering everything from smoothies to soups and desserts) and an eating plan for healthy living. Unit is backed by a 100 year motor warranty and endorsed by Montel Williams.

Where to Buy
HealthMaster on Amazon

Waring MX-1000 Professional Blender/Emulsifier

This one will knock your socks off! The 3-hoursepower motor of this blender is the strongest on the market. It’s almost too powerful, as you have to be careful not to “cook” your food when you blend it. But the design and operation of this machine are both excellent and the price is competitive for its power.

  • Professional grade 3.0-horsepower blender tackles smoothies, soups, and ice
  • Oversized, weighty base stays put during use
  • 64-ounce polycarbonate pitcher with integrated blades and nonslip handle
  • 2 speeds plus pulse action; 19 inches high; weighs 15 pounds
  • Wash by hand; 2-year warranty

Manufacturer’s Description
Just the size and weight of this blender indicates it is a professional grade workhorse. Weighing 15 pounds and standing 19 inches tall, with an oversized base measuring 9 inches square, the blender takes on a prodigious appearance. The supercharged three-horsepower motor and large blades will crush ice with ease and smoothly blend fruit drinks and soups. Only two speeds, high and low, are available, which should cover most needs. The pulse feature is ideal for creating large-particle foods such as homemade salsa and gazpacho.

Where to Buy
Waring Emulsifier on Amazon

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  1. Can’t see how the HealthMaster Living Well Emulsifier is a close second to the Vitamix. It is like comparing apples to oranges. Out of all the reviews I read off different sites the HealthMaster (That Montel Williams so honestly promotes) is a cheap knockoff. Amazon alone has over 100 reviews 80 of them being 1 star!! Epinions, QVC and other sites are also giving it a collective 1-3 star rating and I am sure the 3 is being generous. I think more research needs to be done on these items before putting something so poorly made up there with the Vitamix.


    This review is from: HealthMaster LWHM Living Well/Montel 1100-Watt 2-Quart Fruit-and-Vegetable Emulsifier (Kitchen)
    I’m an engineer, so I tend not to be emotional, but this product and their customer service really got me upset. Here’s what happened. Judge for yourself if this would upset you
    1. The advertisements show that you can put vegetables in this device and it will make liquid out of them. So I put in the vegetables and the vegetables simply stopped the blade from turning.
    2. I didn’t understand how a 1,200 watt (That’s almost 2 hours power) could be defeated by vegetables, so I actually measured the power. It wasn’t 1,200 watts; it was actually 480 watts so of course it would have trouble with whole vegetables. What I had to do in order to get any satisfaction was to chop the vegetables into small chunks which allowed the HealthMaster to kind of liquefy them.
    3. After 2 weeks of this mediocre performance, the HealthMaster simply quit working.
    4. So I tried to contact the vender, Tool Hardware Shop, so they could maybe give me some advice on why it wouldn’t work, but they would not respond.
    5. I called Amazon to get some help, and they said they would look into it.
    6. Two days letter I get an email from Tool Hardware Shop, but all that was in the email was a phone number, which I called.
    7. When I called I got a guy with a heavy Indian accent, which I couldn’t understand very well.
    8. The Indian accented guy told me he couldn’t help me because he didn’t have my invoice number on record, and I was just out of luck
    9. I kept after them until I got a supervisor on the phone who told me I had to hold down the reset switch for 20 minutes, and then call back if it still didn’t work. Believe it or not, I was stupid enough to do that. However, when I called back after 20 minutes, they were closed for the day. They guy just wanted to blow me off until he could go home.
    10. Fortunately I know enough to get an incident number, so when I called back the next day they told me the unit was no good and they would send me a new base at no charge which was the company policy since I was still on warrantee.
    11. I gave them my shipping information, and then they asked me for my credit card number and told me they were going to charge me $30. I said I thought it was covered under warrantee and I only had it 2 weeks and the advertisement said it was free.
    12. They told me that it was covered for free. The $30 was for shipping. They said they were going to charge the card now, but my defective replacement wouldn’t be here for 2 to 3 weeks. To this date, still no replacement.
    That’s why I got upset. Wouldn’t you?

  3. The health master is 1st SOLD ON TV Nothing on TV is ever worth it’s selling price. Consider the source of the sale. (Actors) I was really wanting to eat healthy and almost bought one. I’m thankful for the reviews. I’m not wasting my money I can do well enough with my Juice Man jucier that;s 11 years old

  4. Thanks Christopher, for the info. I just found out I am Cancer
    free and I’m in search of a really good blender so i can make
    really good green drinks. A friend loaned me their juicer for a couple
    of weeks called a Champ . I am now hooked on green drinks!
    Even though I haven’t seen to much info on the champ it is fantastic.
    he Champ. Forget the Ninga it does not break your ingredients
    Thanks again, we all need to comment!

  5. Katherine,
    Thank you for your comments and continued health and vitality to you!! I’m hooked on green drinks too!

  6. An interesting article. I had my vitamix in the 1970,s and gave it to a friendand he was still using it. Ihad a blend-tec Titan and sold it after 4 years of use. It worked well, but nothing all that special. I would use the preset program but , i would have to run it again because it wasn’t smooth enough of a drink. I then got a Warn extreme 1050 xtp 3h.p.. this was the heaviest and most durable.
    Boy did it liquify quick. My neighbor tried it when he came over and begged me to sell it to him. He loves it. Sorry i sold it , but at THEBLENDERPLACE.COM….I just saw it for $314 WITH THE 48 OZ. CONTAINER AND THE VARIABLE SPEED DIAL 3.5 h.p. I will order it and this ones not getting away. By the way years ago i had a buddy with a restaurant and he broke a vitamix every other month( he had 3). Parts way to expensive, and he went to the blend-tec. Good Luck……Rich

  7. The Healthmaster is NOT a good choice. Mine lasted about 2 years for 1.5 years before it started to leak oil. Once the oil started leaking from the ball bearings that was the signal that the gears turning the blade would go. Boy did it go to the point where I would need to order another food cup for $50! The close 2nd is BLENDTEC to the VITAMIX. Google it and look at the comparisons between Blendtec and Vitamix. DO NOT GET THE HEALTH MASTER. I love Montell Williams too, but he would have endorsed these other guys. Be mindful that Vitamix and Blendtec are expensive, but in this case you get what you pay for; Vitamix’s standard warrantee iis 7 years! These 2 emulsifiers are for people that use them daily or at leat 3-4 times per week.

  8. don’t get the HealthMaster. I borrowed mines from my parents who actually used it twice if that. I put it to work ASAP and was pleased. Then i noticed that either some rust looking fluid from possibly grinding from the blades started to appear between the blender and the base unit. so now everytime i use it i have to clean this filthy lookin liquid up all the time!!!!! i’d pass on it

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