Review: All Day Energy Greens

I like this formula very much. It’s very high in greens — alfalfa, spirulina and barley grass primarily but also some parsley, watercress, seaweed (dulse) and chlorella. Other veggies in this mixture include carrot and beet juice powders, which are excellent additions. It also has some very nice added herbs, including rose hips, horsetail, royal jelly, green tea, ginseng and Echinacea. All good choices.

The only thing I’d do differently in this mixture is reduce the amount of “fillers” included. Despite the company’s claims to the contrary, there are several fillers in this product, including soy lecithin, apple pectin and flaxseed meal. Still, it’s an excellent formula that covers the greens and fatty acids while also giving you some good herbal extracts. At $3.50 per ounce, it’s a fair price for what you’re getting. If you purchase the multi-canister options, then the price goes from “fair” to “good.”

Manufacturer’s Description

Start your day with a tasty energy boost! All Day Energy Greens is a light, refreshing energy drink that’s heavy on health benefits. All Day Energy Greens’ 38 herbs, herbal extracts, and grass juices work with your body to provide the bio-absorbable vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and disease-fighting antioxidants you need to enjoy peak health. In addition to all the other benefits, All Day Energy Greens gives you a full day’s supply of vegetables. Plus All Day Energy Greens has NO common allergens and is certified pesticide-free. Make All Day Energy Greens a part of your daily routine.


Earthy and sweet. Sweetened with stevia.

Ingredients & Nutritional Facts

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Good mixture of greens and other herbs for a fair price.


Too many fillers. Not everyone will like the stevia sweetener.

Recommended Usage

Mix approximately 1 rounded tablespoon in 6 to 8 ounces of water or your favorite smoothie.

Certifications & Manufacturing



11.4 oz (approximately 30 sevings) = $39.95
Price per oz = $3.50

Manufacturer offers 4, 8, and 16 canister options for better pricing. 16 canisters costs $1.65 per ounce.

Where to Purchase

All Day Energy Greens on Amazon

All Day Energy Greens on eBay

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  1. Oncr the product was free of most soy products, did place an order.
    Yes, it is a tad toward the sweet side. Is what Stevia is all about.
    Overall, goes down fairly well.
    Time will tell.
    To soon to say much more..

  2. Everything seemed great Only problem was after the first week of use I found that over the night time I was getting out of bed 3 or 4 times a night to urinate; which I have not done prior to this Upon quiting use I wnt back to normal with not having to get up or only occasionally. I hate to give up the good benefits It has but I feel I must quit taking it. Does anyone else have this problem?


  3. hi, I am on my third can of all day energy green, the powder. I drink it about 2-3 times a week insteed of eating lunch, I miss it with a shake, to subside the strong taste. I like it very much, but about and hr. after drinking it my stomach hurts for hours, feel gassy. in the book it reads that it will eliminate gas. can you give me advise? I eat salats, eat veggies and never get gassy, only when I drink your product. I would like to continue taking it, but i do not want to deal with the cramping. do you have any advise for me?
    Ursula Ayala-Rosado

  4. more water or less product. just like protein shakes you need proper fluids ithroughout the to pass the excess out.

    I don’t take this product myself I use a plain powder wheatgrass and whey later.

    For stomach pains/cramping I suggest you google and try out iberogast. It lasts a long time and makes whatever you mix it in taste like a strange kind of hootch to boot.

    For acid reflux I use flax oil (chug a mouth full from the bottle). Works just as fast as liquid stim things like maalox but is good for you. Olive oil is a good alternative – I like flax myself best.

  5. I love the product but like another user from above I have to get up to urinate several times in the night and I have to be close to a bathroom all day. I did not have this problem before and now I am feeling less energetic after waking up so many times at night. I am wondering if one of the ingredients have a natural diruretic.

  6. My friend just started using this product and said she lost 11 pounds. Is it possible this is a weight loss product as well?

  7. I have been using this for about 3 weeks. I too have problems with going to the bathroom during the nite and the gas is terrible. Before starting the product i went to the Dr. so I could later comapre. I started gettin lots of headaches. I just went to the Dr. again and in the urine test they found too much sugar and proten. which is rare and my blood sugar was 238 (too high!). So now I have stopped this product. Do lots of reasearch before starting anything. Please if you have and side effect small or big have them checked out.

  8. I bought the big lot – 14 cans – at IVL and it came in plastic jars 3½ by 4½ 11.36 oz, costing me about$1.88 per oz. Today I bought Trader Joe’s Super Green Drink which came in a plastic jar twice that size, but only containing 10.6 oz at about 2.07 per oz.

  9. been taking once daily. haven’t had any problems. have noticed that I dont have sugar/salt cravings anymore. although I normally eat a high fiber low fat diet, i can tell that this supplement is helping the joint pain, have much less pain. actually went a whole week without using any pain medication!!! Hope the benefits continue.

  10. Jay White: Having read these nine mostly negative comments, I don’t know what to do. I’d really appreciate it if Jay White, the Founder of Institute For Vibrant Living would respond to them. And I wish that he’d submit a few studies. And I’d appreciate reading the opinion of three well-known nutritional docs such as doctors Steve Sinatra, Joe Mercola, Andrew Weill, Jonothan Wright, Jeff Bland, Alan Gabby. I’d appreciate it if Jay would do this immediately so that I could order the product if three of theses docs like it. Thank you, Jay.

  11. I mix it with fruit juice, get no gas or discomfort.

  12. I think people are taking way too much of the product (the ones with stomach cramping and urinating too much) and they also aren’t taking it early enough in the day. You do not want to take it in the evening. I have used this product for awhile and find it helps a lot with my energy and regularity. Great product overall. You just have to know when to cut back or add more water or non citrus juice.

  13. Having read the comments above, I only ordered 1 can of this and spoke to the rep on the phone telling her of this website of green drink reviews. She indicated they are not aware of such a site, so she looked it up while we spoke and said she would let the customer service staff know of it. Additionally, she said to start with small amt. if your body is not used to lots of these foods, to only use in the morning, and that nighttime bathroom calls can be a sign of detoxifying.

  14. Wow its way interesting to read about all the greens we should be eating. I have been eating numedica power greens and I was curious if that was anything even close to the greens we are supposed to eat every day? I am very interested in everything on this page health wise. Thank you for posting it for all to read.

  15. Iam 43 year old man and I take this for 4 months and I have the urinate at night problem before to much but after the all day energy greens I feel like 20 year old, some people either have a different body system that function in a way that this product can make you urinate all night and if the doctor found to much sugar then you need to quit eating candys, cakes etc. because the sugar in the all day energy greens is healthy

  16. I’ve been taking this product for a week and have already recommended it, energy great, clear headed act. I started getting cramps in my legs and back has anyone had this happen.

  17. I feel tried all the time now. I though that I was suppose to have more energy. But i been taking it for a week now. Any suggestion


  18. I have been using this product for three weeks. i have noticed i have been craving food all day,i have gained five pounds all i think about is food i have to leave this product alone.

  19. MY BLOOD PRESSURE IS NORMAL LOW. I BEEN TAKINMG ADEG FOR ABOUT A MONTH. NOT HAVING REGULar bowel movement yet. my blood pressure is higher now. i dont have a lot engery yet. i feel ingredients like green tea, ginkgo, ginseng can and do raise your blood pressure. that to bad that some people who sentive to stimulate like caffeine. also i did not lose any belly fat.

  20. I’m totally bummed. I have been taking ADEG for 10 weeks and have felt great! However, my bloodwork shows otherwise. My cholesterol has gone up 32 pts. and my blood pressure has gone way up!!!! The only thing I have changed since my last checkup is the energy greens. Is it just a coincidence or am I not a good candidate for this product? I so don’t want to discontinue it because I have so much more energy on it!!

  21. Why does the ADEG have soy in it?? Does ADEG have GMO’s cause they have soy in it? Very skeptical!!!
    I don’t trust GMO’s in my food or drinks.

  22. Hi…
    I am now 68….and was so excited to try this new All Day Energy product….
    I have been taking it about 10 days now, and never get enough fruits or vegetables … felt the price was well worth the health value.

    The one thing I noticed was headaches starting up in the night, and by morning…BAD.
    I never get headaches, so believed this was the only change in my diet to cause them.
    Today I will not take any, and see what happens tomorrow. Unfortunately, I want to take this product….BUT HATE HEADACHES. ADEG…DOES GIVE ME MORE ENERGY, AND KEEPS ONE SATIFIED FOR HOURS….NO HUNGER PAINS.

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