Green Drink Reviews: Vitamineral Green

UPDATED Dec 2010
New Formulation
One of the best green superfood drinks is now a bit better with a new, updated formulation that provides more nutrition for the same price — and enhances the taste for better combining with juices, chocolates, or milks. The new formulation has some added greens, including basil leaf, moringa leaf (a super botanical from India that helps purify the blood, calm the nerves and much more), yacon leaf (detoxing and sweetness without sugar), and alma berry. It also has a few extra seaweeds, which gives the product a wider variety of nutrients. In all, Vitamineral Green now has a more robust formulation and a better flavor.

Ben Kim’s Greens, Billy’s Greens, Sun Is Shining, and Vitamineral Green are all formulated at the same laboratory — by expert formulator Jameth Sheridan of Health Force Nutritionals. Sheridan’s own product, Vitamineral Green, is one of my favorite green drink products. It has a lot of grasses, which are high in nutrients, plus it is high in spirulina and various seaweeds too, so you can bet you’re getting a quality blend here. To compliment the grasses is a healthy dose of Nettle and juices of alfalfa, dendelion, broccoli, kale and other veggies. There are no fruits other than alma berry, but honestly, most green products don’t have enough fruits to make them a substitute for the “Red” products, so the lack of a fruit blend is not a huge negative on my list. Vitamineral Green clocks in at $3.11 per ounce, which makes it one of the best values among the super robust formulas.


VitamineralEarthFruits of the EarthSpirulinaGreener GrassesMacca Force


Manufacturer’s Description

Vitamineral™ Green is the current evolution of a 20 year quest for excellence. It simultaneously represents the innate wisdom of nature and the advancements of science. It contains an extremely potent & comprehensive array of nature’s most nutritive and cleansing superfoods, grown and processed to maximize their benefits. It was designed to be the most nutrient dense and comprehensive superfood product ever offered. Contains a full spectrum of naturally occurring, absorbable and non-toxic vitamins, minerals (including calcium) and trace minerals (including naturally colloidal and better). Contains no synthetic or isolated nutrients (not excreted as expensive yellow urine or stored as toxic deposits). “Manufactured” by Mother Nature herself; not a chemist. Also naturally occurring are all the essential amino acids (protein), antioxidants, fatty acids, chlorophyll, soluble and insoluble fibers, tens of thousands of phytonutrients, and a plethora of other synergistically bound nutrients. 100% whole food nutrition.


Slightly Grassy. Slightly Nutty. Neutral.

Ingredients & Nutritional Facts

click to enlarge image


One of the most robust and high-quality green drinks on the market…for an excellent price. Excellent quality of ingredients and lab standards. High in all important ingredients and no waste or filler. Comes in glass jars, not plastic.


None. This is the best formula on the market.

Recommended Usage

One or two times per day.

Certifications & Manufacturing

100% vegan and cruelty-free
100% gluten free (new standards implemented)
Many wildcrafted ingredients

Lab is certified organic with rigorous standards. All ingredients are from top-quality sources.


17.65 oz = $54.95
Price per ounce = $3.11

Quantity purchases lower the price to as low as $2.83.

Where to Purchase

Vitamineral Green on Amazon
Vitamineral Green on eBay

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  1. vitamineral green does not give the amount of ingredients on its label any reason for that and could you review doc broc greens thanks

  2. Doug, most green drinks do not provide the actual amounts of their ingredients on the labels. Mostly this is because they want to protect their “secret” formulas. However, you can usually figure out which are the key ingredients by learning a little about labeling. See my article how to read the labels for more info.

    Of course, there are a few products that DO list the amounts and that’s always good to have.

  3. Dan, Vitamineral Earth is a great product. We have not reviewed it formally, but I think it’s great. I use it myself in soups all the time, since it goes well with savory foods. Also check out SuperFood Seasoning for use on savory foods.

  4. The last three times of have consumed Vitamineral green powder drink I have gotten really sick vomiting and diahrrea. I was so sick I ended up in the ER cramping and all has anyone else had this kind of reaction to the product. I am not using more then a teaspoon and I was tolerating the drink fine for weeks before this happened.

  5. Hello! I read that you have not formally reviewed Vitamineral Earth yet, but I was wondering if you could tell me (since you personally use it) what is the added benefit? I’m a graduate student on a budget, so I can only afford one or the other right now, not both. Does Vitamineral Earth have more added benefits than Vitamineral Green? Or do you think I would be okay just using V Green? Thanks so much in advance and great site :)

  6. Hello admin,

    I am currently taking the basic multi-vitamin from New Zealand based company Xtend Life. I have recently been researching these green powders and I think it would be a great addition to my diet. I am leaning towards this one right now, but still haven’t made a decision. My main question is would it taking this or another green powder product replace my multi-vitamin? In other words, should I continue to take both?

  7. Shaun, your green drink, if it’s a good one, can act like a multi-vitamin to give you your “base” nutrition every day. In fact, it’s better than taking vitamins because you’ll be getting the nutrition in liquid form through superfoods — not from isolated nutrients taken from unknown sources. You can add desired supplements to your base to cover any extra nutritional needs. For example, I often add extra B-Complex, dandelion extract, olive leaf powder, pine bark extract and vitamin C. I add other things from time to time as needed.

  8. This looks like a good product, but the inclusion of the probiotics precludes me from using it. People vary in the species/strains of probiotics that they will benefit from or be intolerant to. I need to have very specific control of which ones I consume.

    I’m particularly concerned by the NSO’s. Little to no research on these as human supplements. Look up bacilus pumilus toxin, for instance.

    I’d like to find something close to this product, without any added bacteria/fungi.

  9. Hi,
    I am just wondering why ATHLETIC GREENS is not included. Would you PLEASE review it to compare?

    I am using it and I am happy with it. However, the way the company conducts its business especially that it was put in the limelight by Tim Feriss’s book “the 4 hour Body”, they
    1) raised their prices.
    2) you are sucked into an automatic refill order
    3) although I said 60 day supply auto refill, they sent me the 60 day supply every 30 days!!!!! 157 usd.

    i will cancel my credit card and send them emails but basically
    , I would like to look at vitamineral or something else, if I could compare it to Athletic Greens.

    any Chance you can, will, review Athletic Greens? Thanks.
    This is AG content

  10. Athletic Greens will be my next review. I’ve had several requests to review it. Stay tuned…

  11. Hello admin,

    I am back with another question. You say that this formula has high values of the most important ingredients. But I must ask, how do you know this if they keep their blend amounts secret?

    I’ve heard great things about this brand from other sources, but I can’t really afford ($) it if I take the recommended 2 tablespoons a day. I would really like to know how much I am getting of each ingredient (specifically the algae).

  12. PJ,

    I also suffered vomiting and diarrhea the last few times I consumed Vitamineral Green. I found your post while searching for a reason. What could be causing it? I also put Lecithin in my drink and was wondering if that was the cause.

  13. Holly, the only way to know for sure is to eliminate ingredients one-by-one and see if you notice a change. Most likely, you are either having a detox reaction (in which case you should lower the dosage for awhile) or you are allergic to something in the formula. Good luck and let us know what you find out.

  14. i wanted to know if its better to take vitamineral green on an empty stomach in the morning? or after meals?

  15. I have hyperthyroidism can I take this product Green Vibrance?

  16. Based on the recommendations on this site, I got this product to improve my dietary regime in an easy cost and time effective manner. Unfortunately, I ended up being violently allergic to this particular formula. I end up having a food poisoning like reaction with vomiting, shakes, and fever.

    Does anyone have any recommendations on another formula that might not contain what I am having the reaction to and still be a solid greens formula? Unfortunately, I have not had a complete allergy work up and have not been able to pinpoint the specific ingredient that creates the reaction. I do seem to tolerate most grasse (wheat grass, barley, etc) well.

    Thanks for your help.

  17. I love this website! Thank you!

    My question is regarding the green and red powders healthy to give to toddlers? I currently bought a packet of the amazing greens in berry and chocolate for my daughter and tried to camouflage it with chocolate silk milk she took a few sips and new it was different… I use the greens in pancakes and eggs.. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.

  18. Oh also I freeze the V8 fruit juice in Popsicles and that’s her “ice cream” could I mix the berry powder and freeze? She eats well considering her age and I foster healthy choices as well as model (she can eat a very small salad) but just want to make you she gets all the right nutrients without maybe giving her a chewable vitamin since I can expose her taste buds now to something healthier! Just my thought

  19. Hi Natalia,
    Most of these products should be fine to give to kids, but you should reduce the dosage to about 25% the adult dose (per day) for toddlers. Also, avoid mixtures that contain green tea powder or extract or any other ingredients containing caffeine.

    Also note that some of these manufacturers make versions of their products just for kids.

  20. I started taking several of the Life Force Super Foods about a year ago. I started with vitamineral green. Then I added Earth, Fruits of the Earth, and Spirulina Manna. I was very happy with the products but found I couldn’t afford to take all of them. I began using vitamineral green daily and switching every other day with Fruits/Earth. About six months ago I started noticing my scalp line, chest, face, and ears getting hot, red, and tingling about 15 minutes after drinking it. It started getting worse so I dropped the dose down to one tablespoon. I finally had to stop taking it. I occasionally will have a tablespoon of Earth or fruit-never both at the same time. I still react but not as bad. It scared me because I didn’t or don’t know if this is a serious allergic reaction. Has anybody ever mentioned this sort of problem before? I really liked the product but I’m wondering if it’s too strong for me. I’m in excellent health and would like to use the product but not I’m wary.

  21. Healthforce now coming out with new labels which will contain nutritional facts to top of its excellance and make sure to get it from nutrition house in atlanta GA lifestyle store!

  22. I have been using Vitamineral Green, Earth and Fruits if the Earth. After a few I noticed that my back teeth were stained green and the only way to remove it was by scraping. I brush and floss several times a day so I was really surprised and concerned by this. Have you heard of is happening?

  23. I started taking Vitamineral Greens yesterday and I started out with a larger amount than the suggested 1 tsp. I started feeling sick last night and today I feel worse, I have flu-like symptoms. My body aches and I have no energy. I took the Vitamineral Greens again today and took 2 TBSP. I have been dealing with some health issues lately…hypothyroidism, anemia, hormonal imbalance and adrenal fatigue, and decided I needed to start on a good cleansing superfood. Could I be having these flu-like symptoms because i’m detoxing?

  24. Katie,
    Yes, that’s a very common detox reaction. Give it a little time and perhaps reduce the dose slightly for awhile. If it continues…see a doctor.

  25. Hi, I have auto immune thyroid (Hashis) and often read not to take extra iodine so am wondering if Vita Mineral Green may have too much in it with all the seaweeds?

  26. I have tried most of the popular green drinks. Vitamineral is hands down the best. I has cured my ibs! I do not even have gas anymore! I am a cancer survivor and lost some intestine. I have scar tissue and have issue with other drinks that have fillers and are ground to rough. vita mineral is ground so fine that I do not have to worry about intestinal blockages like I do the other greens. Also if you have ibs you have to worry about garlic. Vitamineral leaves that overrated food out. Also it leaves out green tea which is important to me because I don’t want caffeine. Simply amazing stuff. It makes me feel so good!

  27. I see that the ingredients list Barley Grass and Wheat Grass. As far as i know if u ingest pure grasses itll basically go through your system without getting most of the nutrients thats why people juice wheat grass rather than eat blended or pure grass, because thats all it is, grass. So are the wheat grass and barley grass even doing anything besides bulking up the powder?

  28. I am also concerned about the iodine content of Vitamineral Green. I have Hashis, and have been advised to keep my daily iodine intake to less than 100 mcg/day. Does anyone know how much iodine one serving contains?

  29. There is no exact amount listed for the iodine content of this product. But the kelp content in this formula does make it iodine rich. I would suggest looking for a product that does not use kelp or other iodine-rich ingredients, just to be on the safe side. Best of health!

  30. I have an old batch of VM green that I did not throw out but used once. I know I should have, but i can’t afford to buy another one, so I decided to start using it today. I just put a teaspoon in water with a pinch of bluegreen algae extract, something I take alot and not have a problem. I mixed in cold water and let it charge in the sun for a few mins. I went about my usual gardening routine, nothing too strenuous, and I started feeling lethargic and sore, like I had run a marathon. As the evening came I started having extreme flulike symtoms, frozen to my bones shaking shivering and body aches. I am glad to have read this is not uncommon. I’m hoping it was just detox and I have not poisoned myself? The batch was dry, smelled fine, nice color and no mustiness. Does this product go bad after a year?

  31. Malia,
    If you kept the bottle in the freezer, I’d say you’re probably ok. However, if not, then you might have a spoiled batch. I would go to your local health food store and pick up a single serving packet (or two) of this product (if you can’t find this product in single servings at your local store, then try to find one as close as possible). Take those servings and see if you have the same reaction. You get the idea.

  32. I just bought Vitamineral Green and I absolutely LOVE it! I mix it with just a tad bit of pure, organic apple juice (not from concentrate) and it is actually very enjoyable. I also started adding it to my own green drink that I make. Highly reccomend.

  33. I just bought some Vitamineral Greens and I think it tastes quite palatable mixed with water and a little stevia. It definitely tastes much, much better than wheatgrass juice! I’m a 70% raw foodist so my taste buds prefer healthy raw whole foods. I love this stuff so far. I’m hoping to notice a difference in my complexion.

  34. Admin:
    I am currently taking NutraMetrix isotonix OPC-3, calcium and multi-vitamins. Along with that I take Nordic Naturals liquid Omega-3 fish oil, Glucosamine w/Chondroitin and Ubiquinol.
    I have acid reflux and have recently started taking probiotics and apple cider vinegar along with my stomach medication (Omeprazole). I would like to start the Vitamineral Greens. If I do that should I stop taking everything else and just take the Vitamineral Greens or should I continue with some of these supplements in addition to the Vitamineral Greens.

  35. Susan, green drinks that are heavy in green leafy vegetables (kale, spinach, alfalfa, etc.) are alkalizing and therefore should help your acid reflux. However, the mixture of all these things could have unpredictable results. If your current regime is working for you, then don’t stop it…just add the green drink slowly and watch the results. However, if you are not having success with the other items, then you could reverse the process and see how that works. Either way, don’t change what you’re doing with your stomach meds without consulting your doctor.

  36. Admin,
    Aside from my acid reflux, would I still need to take any supplements in additon to the green drink? I understand it only has 332 mg of calcium. Is that enough for a woman to take a day? Also will I need to continue to take the omega-3 fish oil, glucosamine and ubiguinol or are those benefits in the green drink and if they are is it enough?

  37. Susan, that’s totally up to you and your body’s reaction to what you are taking. However, I did write an article about adding things to green drinks. You can read it here.

  38. Admin,
    When should I take these capsules or the green drink? before a meal, after a meal or with the meal?

  39. Hi Stephane, most agree that it’s best to take a green drink on an empty stomach (before a meal or between meals) for best absorption of the nutrients.

  40. Is it safe to take these vitamins before a surgery? Also, with having the auto immune disease lupus?

  41. Kristen, green drinks are considered by most experts to be excellent pre- and post-surgery nutrition…helping the healing process after surgery. Since green drinks are immune supporting, they should also be excellent for any immune deficiency. Look particularly for those that include adaptogenic herbs.

  42. I tried the Vitamineral green yesterday and blended 1 1/2 teaspoons with water and a mango. It tasted fine and I went about my day. About 6 hours later, I began to experience abdominal pain. As the night continued, the pain worsened to sharp pains and stopped me from sleeping. I eventually took 800mg motrin and two benadryl and the pain stopped about an hour later.

    My background is that I have a gluten allergy. I eat quite healthy (no fast food or fried foods, salads daily, minimal sugar, no soda, minimally processed and real food).


  43. Thanks for this Great website! With regards to Early Onset Alzhiemers/Dimentia what would you suggest in addition to Vtaminmineral Green? What is your favorite Protien Powder and Antioxident Product

  44. Deanne,
    Not sure about recommendations for Alzhiemers & Dimentia. Some would recommend brain-enhancement supplements, such as Ginko-Biloba. I would suggest any adaptogenic herbs (licorice root, cordeceps mushroom, dandelion, etc.) as a good place to start. For antioxidants, please check out the sister site Finally, regarding protein powders, I have not dedicated much time or space to them but have been thinking of adding a section for them. Maybe this coming year is when I’ll finally make it happen. Good luck!

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