Review: ORAC Energy Greens

By looking at the massive ingredients list of this product, you might come to the conclusion it has everything. While it is a good blend with plenty of functional ingredients and not much filler, a close look at the numbers shows that it’s very heavy in grasses and rather low in everything else. I’m not knocking it completely; this is a good blend at a really good price! Just don’t let that huge list of ingredients throw you off. Compare the greens, veggies and antioxidant herbs to a product like Antioxidant Greens* and you’ll see that ORAC Energy Greens has more grass, but quite a bit less of the herbs and veggies. To give it some extra credit, ORAC Energy Greens has very little filler and adds quite a few fruits instead (a vitamin C fruit blend and some others). Plus, I give it some credit for having a number of “extra” herbs if you total them all up (there are very small amounts of each, but all totaled it’s not bad). Some highlights in the special herbs department include the mushrooms (I love to see this in a green drink), the green and white tea (powdered tea which is better than extract), and the adaptogen blend.

In summary, this is a good blend that is heavy in grass powders and covers a wide spectrum of everything else…all for only $2.73 per ounce.

* to compare, you have to double the numbers on the ORAC Energy Greens label, due to the smaller serving size used in the calculations.

Manufacturer’s Description

Paradise Herbs ORAC Energy Greens is the next generation in greens and provides a powerhouse of unparalleled antioxidants and superfoods. It contains over 42 certified organic and pesticide free ingredients including highly bioavailable juice powders, freeze-dried berries/veggies and ecologically wild crafted or naturally grown True Full Spectrumâ„¢ herbal concentrates.

Where to Purchase

Health Food Stores and whole foods markets (see store locater at site).
Online health stores and vitamin centers.


Slightly grassy. Slightly fruity.

Ingredients & Nutritional Facts

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Lots of grasses and a good variety of other ingredients (including mushrooms) for an excellent price (shop around for a good source). Very few fillers.


Heavy in the grasses and light in everything else.

Recommended Usage

One level tablespoon (scoop) daily. Tastes great mixed in water, apple juice or your favorite fruit smoothie.

Certifications & Manufacturing

ORAC = 12,000 per serving (6g).
Most ingredients are wild harvested.


12.8 oz = $34.99
Prices vary greatly, depending on the outlet. Shop around!

Price per oz = $2.73

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  1. These greens taste great, mixes well, and is a good value.

  2. It tastes healthy but good at the same time. I received my ORAC in the mail today. I expected the container to contain more than what was in there. It was only half full. But, I will say it felt like my body came alive after finishing my first serving. I added the tablespoon the container provided a scooper. Then I added 8 oz of juice then 8 oz of water. Drank it and feeling great. I don’t know if it was due to the drink but I could remember some things I couldn’t think of before. For your reference I’ll add that I’m 32 years old.


  4. Orac-Energy Greens is too expensive in Vitamine Shop .
    Can I buy it directly from you in better price .

  5. I started taking Orac 3 months now, my hair has been growing really thick and my skin rosacea has completely faded away. I do beleive this is the reason since I’m not taking anything else. I am 47 and had a hysterectomy. Feeling great now, I’ll never stop. Need to take every morning with apply juice. Good luck

  6. I had to return this product,the caffiene in the green tea realy made me very hyper,I didnt like the feeling at all,the only thing I like about it was the taste.I wish they had used decaff. green tea for those of us that cant have so much or it. Plus being that there was so much cafiene,and I drank alot of water Im a runner and work out,it made me feel like I just couldnt drink enough. I wouldnt recommend this to anyone who doesnt use caffiene

  7. I have candida, so what I want to know is if I can take orac-energy greens as a supplement because I cannot eat fruits or vegetables due to the high sugar and carbs it produces. Or will it interfere with my efforts to get rid of my candida?

  8. Buy at for $50. Use coupon code XEW157

  9. I got mine at for $50 using code CEB988 which gave me an extra $5 dollars off.

  10. I just love orac-energy greens! It has given me so much energy and an overall well being. I’ve even lost weight, since it has curbed my appetite. My skin looks so much better too.
    I got $5 off my order by using coupon # TOJ455 at

  11. Just got this at Vitamin Shoppe, But it does not give an amount on how much water to mix it in ,so I used 8 oz . Is that the right amount? The taste is not to bad. Also I am Prediabetic will this spike my blood sugar?

  12. Debbie, it really doesn’t matter how much water you use. Just use what works well for you and tastes good. As for blood sugar, I don’t see any ingredients on their list that would spike your glucose levels. However, take it slowly and watch for reactions.

  13. I’ve been using this product for about 2 years and really love it. Using my Vita-Mix blender, I put ice, frozen peaches, fresh kale, and a scoop of Orac. Then I add a little bit of 100% cranberry juice, no sugar added. It’s my favorite!

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