Green Superfood Comparison Chart

UPDATED August 24, 2008
Green Superfood Comparison ChartIn this third installment on green superfood powders, I’ve prepared a handy comparison chart that shows the ingredients of several products side-by-side. This makes it easier to compare and contrast the different products. Although this completes my series on green superfood powders for the time being, I will update these various comparisons and listings as needed, so check back from time to time to see the new additions and updates.

As for the chart, you can view it in pdf format (Adobe Reader required) or download it using this link: Green Superfood Comparison Chart or the link in the right column at the bottom of the list of green drinks.

I’ve also created a quick-view Green Drink Price Comparison Chart. When viewing this chart, remember that this only shows the price and does not compare the quality. You can see this chart using the link: Green Drink Price Comparison Chart. More to come.

Send me your comments and additional information about green drinks you want added to the chart (use the response form on the About page).

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  1. Thanks for the comparison chart.

    I wonder if you could add a collumn regarding TASTE as your personal opinion? Some people try to find a green drink that they will take that doesn’t taste like a blenderful of mowed yard.

    I know thatr Life Sciences Tech used to have a formulation called Living Food that was great. Then for some unbeknowst reason, the new owner reformulated it, added these gawd aweful flavorings to it and, well, it is just horrible. I cannot stomach the taste and NOTHING masks it.

    So, sometimes formulators do stupid things and change a good product that I saw results with to something I can’t keep down.

    I even have a barley green product from Malaysia that is SO green tasting that I have to keep saying to myself that its good for me in order to finish my supply.

    Well, I lost that battle too.

    So, when I recommend green drinks to the lay public, I know getting them to take it regularly is the most important thing I can do for them. And one that is palatable helps to achieve that objective.

    Keep up the great work!

    Dr. Jack

  2. That’s an excellent idea, Dr. Jack. Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll add a taste column the next time I update the chart.

    Personally, I like green drink products that have neutral tastes, because I mix them with juice, almond milk, and other things to formulate my own recipes. The ones that have their own strong flavors interfere with my mixtures…and I get tired of them quickly. Most of the flavored green drinks, in my opinion, go overboard with stevia or other ingredients that try to mask the “green” taste and they end up just tasting bad.

  3. The yeast in the basic Schulze’s and a enhanced basic, Enerfood, will not present a problem for yeast or Candida sensitive individuals as the yeast is heated just enough to destroy the yeast but not damage the B-vitamins.

    However, the problem with yeast-containing superfoods is the yeast is not only an excitotoxin, but takes up 50%+ of the product by volume, so you’re in effect overpaying for a diluted product and an drug addict-like effect akin to Klamath Lake’s blue-green algae. (An enhanced basic without the yeast is DayStar Botanical’s LifeForce).

    Although harder to quantify, there’s also the consideration of the “life force” and “bioavailability” of the ingredients. The majority of superfood manufacturers do not appear to be using low-temperature sourcing and processing to preserve the integrity of either factor. Juices are also superior to powders (the bulk which also acts as a filler).

    And last, if Schulze is the grandmother of all superfoods, then you forgot to compare the grandfather: Pure Synergy.

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