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Like many of the green drinks, Perfect Food is heavy on the grasses, which I’ve often mentioned are good ingredients, but not necessarily the best. Thankfully, this product also contains a significant amount of spirulina and sea veggies to make it a bit more robust than some of the other grass-heavy green products. The veggie juices included (beet, carrot, broccoli, etc.) are not in huge quantities, but it’s nice that they are included. The filler in this product is the rice bran solubles, which is not a super nutritious choice, but better than some products, like guar gum. At $4.24 per ounce, it’s not a bad value, but compare with Delicious Greens, which is in the same price range, but a different formula, or Green Vibrance, which has a similar (but more robust) formula and a better price tag.

Manufacturer’s Description

The whole foods found in Perfect Food provide vitamins and minerals as nature intended, but it goes beyond just that. Perfect Food also delivers naturally occurring cofactors and synergistic compounds by utilizing concentrates and juices instead of extracts and isolates. Other formulas often load their products with non-greens and fillers. While many of these non-greens are important and have a definite nutritional benefit, no other type of food source provides the nutritional benefit of green foods. That is why Perfect Food Super Green Formula Powder contains over 8000mg of greens per serving.


Grassy. Slightly Earthy.

Ingredients & Nutritional Facts

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This grass-heavy formula is balanced out by the spirulina and sea vegetables. Some other good ingredients are included, such as veggie juices and acerola cherry.


The price is ok, but some other products may offer better values.

Recommended Usage

Adults mix one level scoop (2 tablespoons) in 8 ounces of water or juice, 1 (or more) times per day. Begin with 1/4 serving for the first few days gradually working up to full serving size.

Certifications & Manufacturing

None. Some organic ingredients.


10.6 oz = $44.95

Price per oz = $4.24

Where to Purchase

Garden of Life Perfect Food on Amazon
Perfect Food on eBay

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  1. This may well be good for the body, but it truly tastes disgusting. Forget about mixing it with water the way you can with products like Emerald Balance.

  2. i have been taking perfect food for years. Have healed myself from various illness . Garden of life products are truly the best!

  3. GREAT and helpful information. THANKS so much for compliling and sharing this with everyone!!

  4. I have been using Perfect Food RAW for the past week or so and feel that it has already helped my screwed-up digestive system. My only complaint is the taste–like pureed grass clippings mixed with dirt. Well okay, not quite that bad, but not great either. I will stick with it because it has already made me feel better. For those who have trouble stirring it into a drink, first dump your scoopful into a glass and add an equal amount of cold water. Stir into a smooth paste, then add enough water or juice to make about 8 oz. Stir again until it’s more or less disaolved.

  5. This is a great product and yes it literally is hard to swallow, but I have found the best combination to get it down and after about a week of this combination this became a fav. Combine the scoop (1/2 to start out) with 2oz of blueberry pomegranted juice (minute made). Whisk until mixed and shoot it back and follow it up with a small glass of the same juice (maybe 4 oz). The dark fruits really help to camoflouge the grassy taste and provides a much better flavor. Yes it is a much more concentrate dose, but you get it over and done and its a lot easier to get down then trying to drink a full 8 oz of this mixture in any liquid.


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