Green Drink Reviews: Antioxidant Natural Greens

Antioxidant Greens has a unique approach to green drinks. It is formulated to provide everything you need — omega-3 fatty acids (from flax), green drink nutrients (from land and sea vegetables), and antioxidants (from fruits and green tea). Where most green drinks fall short in the antioxidant side of the equation, Antioxidant Natural Greens actually does well enough in each of these areas that you might not need much else in your basic nutrition foundation. Many drinks don’t attempt this because the taste is rather difficult to get right — but this product is flavored (with natural flavoring and stevia for sweetener) to overcome the taste barrier. You’ll have to try it to see if you like the taste — not everyone will. If you do, this is a great value at under $3 per ounce.

If you want a similar formulation without the flax (provides fatty acids but is also used as filler), then compare this with Delicious Greens 8000.

Manufacturer’s Description

Antioxidant Omega 3 Greens contains a variety of high ORAC value whole foods, providing you with optimal levels of antioxidants that would be difficult to get on your own. Antioxidant Omega 3 Greens also contains 2600mg of Organic Flax & Organic Flax Lignans per serving, rich in ALA Omega 3 fatty acids.

Where to Purchase

Online at manufacturer’s site.


Two flavor options: Mint and Berry
Sweetened with stevia

Ingredients & Nutritional Facts

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Excellent formulation with plenty of Omega-3s, antioxidants, and nutrients from greens. The greens focus on spirulina, chlorella, grasses and veggie powders. The antioxidants come from a variety of sources, including green tea and fruit powders. Great additions include pomegranate powder, milk thistle seed extract, tumeric and red wine extract. Flax meal is cold processed to keep it fresh. Excellent price!


Not everyone will like the flavors and you probably can’t do much to modify it (other than using different juices with the berry flavor). Antioxidant Natural Greens is not gluten free.

Recommended Usage

Add 1 scoop of Antioxidant Natural Greens to 6-8 ounces of water and stir — one or more times daily.

Certifications & Manufacturing

Many organic ingredients, including kelp, aloe vera, beet root, and cinnamon.
Dairy free. Soy free.


13.7 oz = $38.99 ($2.85 per ounce)
41.2 oz (three canisters) = $99.00 ($2.40 per ounce)

Price per oz = $2.85

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  1. There is a new product out there called Zingo,you can find it at .Please check this one out and give me your opinion.
    Thank you

  2. I love this drink! I actually feel a difference when I drink it. It tastes like berries and is pretty sweet. I don’t have to force it down, because it doesn’t taste like a green drink. I strongly recommend this product!

  3. It tastes wonderful, I really liked it…. alas I didn’t realize it wasn’t gluten free. Any suggestions for a great greens drink gluten and lactose free?

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