Green Drink Reviews: Green Vibrance

UPDATED: Dec 2010
An excellent formulation of spirulina, grasses and vegetable powders. Includes a nice selection of “extra botanicals” including bee pollen, ginko biloba, green tea extract, and Astragalus. Contains a slightly high amount of filler/fibrous ingredients, but that’s offset by an excellent price tag. Also has a fruit blend, probiotic cultures and enzymes. The mango powder, cayenne, and ginger are excellent additions. Overall, this is an excellent formulation at a reasonable price.


Green V.Rainbow V.Children’sField of Greens
Natural ProteinChocolate ProteinVanilla ProteinBerry Protein


Manufacturer’s Description

Restorative, concentrated superfood. Supports the four foundations of Health: Nutrition, Digestion, Circulation & Immunity. Designed to rehabilitae the digestive tract, thereby improving nutrient absorption. Delivers a host of trace nutrients. Improves circulation and cardiovascular health in order to deliver those nutrients to every cell of the body. Supports a vigorous and efficient immune system to protect the body from invaders. Supports directly & indirectly the other body systems (musculo-skelatal, neurological, integumentary, respiratory, urinary, endocrine, cardiovascular/circulatory, digestive, reproductive and immune).


Slightly grassy. Slightly Earthy

Ingredients & Nutritional Facts

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Contains a nice array of nutrient-rich food powders, together with a good selection of “special herbs,” such as Astragalus, green tea extract, bee pollen, vitamin E, milk thistle, ginko biloba, Suma, bladderwrack, rockweed, ginger root and cayenne. Good cost-benefit ratio and a very well thought-out formulation.


Some of the special herbs in this formulation may be herbs that you purchase separately, and so may be duplicating your purchase with this formulation. Many, however, are well chosen, in that you cannot get too much of them (green tea, pollen, vitamin E, ginger and cayenne for example). Contains Fructo-Oligosaccharides and an unknown fiber, trademarked “FiberAid”

Recommended Usage

Mix in juice or water, one Serving per day.

Certifications & Manufacturing

No organic or kosher certifications. The following ingredients are organic: Spirulina, Alfalfa Grass juice powder, Barley grass juice powder, Oat Grass juice powder, Wheat Grass Juice powder, Alfalfa sprout powder, Kamut grass juice powder, Parsley powder, Beet juice powder, Carrot root powder, Broccoli sprout powder, Spinach powder, Nova Scotia Dulse, Rockweed, Whole Apple powder, Acerola berry juice powder, Ginger root powder, cayenne pepper powder.

100% Gluten free
Company tests every ingredient before manufacturing.
Manufacturing is in-house.
Company lists measurements of all ingredients on label.


12.17oz = $46.95 ($3.86 per ounce)
24.34oz = $78.50 ($3.22 per ounce)

Price per oz: $3.86
Comes in powder, single-serving packets and capsules.

Where To Purchase

Green Vibrance on Amazon
Green Vibrance on eBay

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  1. jsut wanted to add… that I drink the GV cold so I ice my green tea!

  2. I like to make mine with black berries, raspberries, mango and almond milk. It’s so tasty!

  3. has anyone else had allergic reactions such as a rash when taking GV? SCOTT – did a dermatologist determine that GV causes rashes in some folks?

  4. How long does detox take? I started taking GV a week and a half ago faithfully. I became very constipated, had bad skin breakouts on my face and have had persistent headaches. Is this detox taking place? The constipation and skin breakouts have seemed to resolve, but I still am having headaches. Any advice/info would be appreciated.

  5. anneb, yes, my advice is reduce the dose you’re taking and see if that helps. If not, then switch brands to something with fewer ingredients and see if that stops the headaches. If not, then switch from green drinks to red drinks. If so, then you’re allergic to something in the GV mixture. There are so many ingredients in GV that it’s difficult to track it down, but you can use a process of elimination (as I’ve suggested many times throughout this site) to find the culprit.

  6. I have been taking GV for 7 days now. I am super excited about how great this will be for my body. I dont mind the taste at all. However, since day 3 i have been waking up at 3, 4 am with stomach aches and have had to run to the bathroom. I am assuming I am adjusting to the probiotics and or detoxing and am going to push through and keep taking it. Could this adjustment take weeks? I’m just trying to understand how long this period realistically could take.

  7. I just tried GV for the first time this morning, with one teaspoon in a glass of cold water with some lemon flavoring and stevia. It tasted pretty awful. I can’t have fruit juices so I need to find another alternative. My next attempt will be to try it in unsweetened chocolate almond milk and add a little stevia. I’d love to hear if anyone has tried GV in chocolate almond milk.

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