Green Drink Reviews: Enerfood

This formulation is quite cost effective. It is high in Spirulina and Chlorella, two very nutritive ingredients that don’t cost a fortune. The formula uses nutritional yeast (a kind of brewer’s yeast) in the place of a filler to bulk-up the mix. Some people will prefer this to the flaxseed meal, rice solids or apple pectin used by other formulators. Some won’t. The yeast is said to be non-active, so it does not cause bloating and other reactions and it’s highly nutritional. Other highlights are dendelion, kelp (great nutrition for a great price) and beet root.

Manufacturer’s Description

Enerfood is highly digestible and is absorbed very quickly into your body. It provides a dense and highly concentrated absorbable nutrition in a powdered form. That means when you mix it with fluids, the vitamin and mineral-rich molecules can be easily processed by your body’s digestive system. This no caffeine and vegan whole food formula provides greater energy through better nutrition as well as immune system support using 20 organic or wildcrafted ingredients, including spirulina, chlorella, non-active saccharomyces cervisiae nutritional yeast, dulse, kelp and many other active herbal ingredients. Alkalizes your system dramatically! Formulated as a synergistic blend for health and energy, dealing with virtually every major body system. No fillers, main ingredients are Spirulina and Chlorella, not many around like this.

Where To Purchase

Online at company site


Slightly grassy. Slightly Fishy

Ingredients & Nutritional Facts

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Excellent price for a good formulation with an emphasis on spirulina, chlorella, grasses and kelp. No fillers, except that nutritional yeast is used for both nutrition and bulk.


Not everyone will want the nutritional yeast in this formulation, but if you like this botanical, then this formulation is an excellent value.

Recommended Usage

At least one heaping tablespoon per day, mixed with non-acidic juice.

Certifications & Manufacturing

ORAC SCORE of 7360 per 100 gms.

No certifications
77% organic ingredients
Made in Kosher facility
100% vegan


14.1 oz = $39.95

Price per oz: $2.83

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  1. Is enerfood recomended for competitive teenager swimmers?

  2. Sure, I don’t see why not.
    Any good green drink will help teenagers with performance and nutrition. If your teenagers are like most, they probably eat a lot of unhealthy foods, so a good green drink is an excellent addition to their diets.

  3. I have been using the enerfood for a couple of years and I love it!, I think it tastes better than most green formulas and I can add it to juice or a smoothie.
    I even give it to my dogs sprinkled on their food

    One of the things I really like about it is that it is very cost effective compared to other green foods (because most other brands want you to take twice the volume for per serving)
    I have also used this companies herbal coffee and hot cocoa and love them too. the cocoa is second to none and contains herbal supplements that you cannot taste

    thanks for the review , great blog too

  4. Can you tell me anything about “Energy Greens” put out by institute for vibrant living ? We are currently using Vitamineral Green but still shopping for best product.

    Thanks for your site, look forward to hearing from you, Pete

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