How to Get More From Your Green Superfood Drink, Green Drink Additives

UPDATED May 9, 2008
A good way to get more umph from your green superfood drink is to doctor it up — add extra ingredients for your own, personal taste and needs, thus giving the basic formula an extra bit of power. Here are a few things to consider adding to your green drink…

Green Tea

Not all green drinks have green tea in them and, if you’re not opposed to a little caffeine, you can add a huge array of nutrients and antioxidants to your green drink mix by adding a bit of powdered green tea to it. Be sure to purchase a quality, organic, green tea powder and add only as much as you would to make a cup of tea.

Liquid Vitamin B

Adding some extra liquid vitamin Bs is a great way to tune up your green drink. A teaspoon of liquid B complex two times per week will give you extra energy and immune support. And it won’t change the flavor of your green drink mixture.


Rishi, cordyceps, and shitake are three of the more popular mushrooms from the orient that enhance the immune system, help with blood pressure, reduce plaque and cholesterol, and help with digestion, brain activity and more. Try adding a bit of powdered mushroom to your green drink mixture. Strong flavors of chocolate or berries will disguise the bitter, earthy mushroom taste. You can get powdered mushrooms at well stocked health stores, or try online at this great site:

Olive Leaf Extract

Olive leaf extract is in my top three botanical extracts. It has powerful immune boosting powers, and helps with the liver, blood cleansing and much more. Get liquid extract and squirt a dropper-full of the green gold into your superfood smoothie for an extra boost.

Chocolate Powder

If your green drink of choice is not too grassy tasting, you can turn it into a yummy chocolate shake with some pure cocoa powder, agave nectar or maple syrup for sweetener, and rice, soy, hemp or almond milk. The pure cocoa powder helps with blood pressure, antioxidants and more.

Maca Root Powder

Maca is a relatively flavorless botanical that goes well with green drinks. If yours does not already have it, consider purchasing some separately to add to your mixture. It’s great for the libido, immune system and provide healthy and stable energy. Test your maca powder with just a little bit at first, as it can upset the stomach.

Vitamin C

You can’t get too much vitamin C, and I mean that literally. Scientists have not yet found a “toxic” level of vitamin C. The more the merrier, it seems. So consider adding some extra to your green drink smoothie — especially if you’re making a fruit-flavored version by mixing your green drink with frozen berries, fresh fruit or the like. A packet of Emergen-C or similar product will go nicely.

Oils and Fatty Acids

A great place to get extra essential fatty acids is in your green drink smoothie. Add a few tablespoons of fresh, chilled flaxseed or hemp oils (or both) as you blend the rest of the ingredients. You’ll probably not even know the extra oil is in there when you drink it down.


The best green drinks are not super high in protein. They shouldn’t be. They should be focusing on giving you high levels of nutrients and not on increasing protein. So one way to enhance your green drink is by adding a protein source…and one of the best is from organic hemp milk or hemp protein powder. The hemp goes very well with fruit smoothies or chocolate mixtures and adds a very digestible form of protein to your concoction. You can find hemp protein online at manitoba harvest.

Another great source of protein is from chick peas (also known as garbanzo beans). You can find them dried and powdered in well stocked natural food stores.

Going green can be a lot of fun and your green drink mixture has the potential for a lot of variety. Try some of these additions one at a time or in combination for optimum results.

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